MagicStyles 1.6

Use MagicStyles to Draw a Set of Images along a Path or an Headline
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With MagicStyles you have 500 effects with image or text, you splatter or create tubes with natural elements on Windows that run Photoshop Plug-Ins and features:

- more than 500 ready made effects for all your headlines!
- A Drawing Application as a plug-in, circles, stars, frames
- Flow Text or Warp Text or Paths ...perfect for creative headlines or Illustratons!
- Manage an unlimited number of layers of effects
- Use MagicStyles to Draw a Set of Images along a Path or an Headline. This unique feature, lets you create tubular effects, pseudo 3D effects, natural crowns etc.
- Create your own effect, amazing results are guaranteed and tons of fun!

MagicStyles is like a full featured illustration tools directly inside Photoshop/Elements/Paintshop and more plus a unique set of effects like images stroke along a path, images fills, shadows.

Users can now create basic vector shapes that can be filled and stroked, as well as text on a path, MagicStyles features an extremely powerful text warping that can be edited at any time.

Users can choose to Flow a Text on a Path (reediting is possible even after rasterization) create Stars, Rounded rectangles, polygons and more.

All Paths and Tracks are now ready for new effects, and MagicStyles really shines here (users are not limited to a simple tint or opacity change!)! Go to the library, select one and preview!

MagicStyles offers hundreds of original effects, that you can combine at once, thanks to its layering mecanism. Yes MagicStyles has layers within a plug-in, and this is dramatically powerful.

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